Weasel in the hen house: McHenry showered with money by failing bank


Dude has been in Washington way too long:

Bloomberg reports that Republican House Financial Services Chairman Patrick McHenry was thrown a high-dollar fundraiser by Signature Bank at their offices just 10 days before the bank’s collapse. The revelation comes as Chairman McHenry claims his committee will “get to the bottom” of the rash of recent failures of midsize banks which experts say stem from a key Trump-Republican rollback of Dodd-Frank banking safeguards in 2018 that McHenry helped author. McHenry’s credibility crisis continues to worsen after calling the 2018 regulatory rollback a “win for consumers” and an “important first step to undo Dodd Frank.” McHenry declared he was “proud to have played an active role in drafting this bill” as he took substantial sums of money from the financial industry that lobbied to undo Dodd-Frank reforms – including Signature Bank.

Here's Liz Zelnick:

Medicare Advantage Provides Essential Low-Cost Cancer Treatments

In 2023, it’s estimated there will be over 10,000 new cases of breast cancer in North Carolina alone. Tar too many of us will experience cancer at some point in our lives, whether through their own diagnosis or a loved one’s. That’s why it’s pertinent we ensure that we are doing all we can to care for those undergoing or recovering from cancer and cancer treatments.

Sunday News: From the Editorial Pages


SUPPORT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. STOP BLOCKING LEANDRO REMEDIAL PLAN:: While Senate leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore have never challenged the court’s findings as to whether school kids are getting access to the quality education they are promised, they have contended that no court can force funding of the plan that’s been agreed to by the disputing parties. As to Cooper’s budget proposal, Berger passed it off with a string of cliches, calling it “an irresponsible, unserious proposal from a lame-duck governor who wants … to go on a reckless spending spree.” Moore offered up more of the same empty partisan rhetoric. “Gov. Cooper’s budget proposal takes the same reckless approach to spending that his fellow Democrats have taken in Washington.” Instead of addressing our state’s long unmet and neglected obligations, the two legislative leaders continued promoting more tax cuts for corporations. Moore and Berger have even gone to court claiming no one can force the legislature to appropriate money to implement the education quality program. All of which begs the most fundamental question here. Since Berger and Moore haven’t challenged the repeated findings that children are being denied their constitutional right to a quality education, what is their plan to do their sworn duty to uphold the constitution? Crickets. That's their plan, to do absolutely nothing. They've gotten away with it for years, and instead of punishing them, the voters have given them even more power with which to be irresponsible. And now the voters have given them the power to gerrymander their votes into obsolescence. A flock of sheep comes to mind, but at least those animals occasionally try to escape.

Mark Robinson's God Says "Nope" to Women Leaders

It's getting clear that Uncle Tom Robinson will be anointed as the NCGOP's candidate for governor in 2024. He's already running hard. Which is a good thing. Because the more Robinson talks, the better people can understand the man and the god who guides his politics.

Let's break it down. Again.

It was a dark and Stormy night

Grand Jury probing Trump payoff may be about to issue an indictment:

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, had told people years earlier that she had an affair with Trump, which he has long denied. Cohen has acknowledged making the payment, saying he did so expecting to be reimbursed; that refund was allegedly documented as payment for legal work.

Cohen later served time in prison after pleading guilty in two criminal cases in 2018, including one involving campaign finance violations related to payments made to Daniels and another woman alleging an affair with Trump. During one of his guilty pleas, Cohen said he acted at Trump’s direction and described the payments as intended to influence the 2016 election by keeping the women from sharing their stories publicly.

Bolding mine, because many of those checks to Cohen were written from the Resolute desk. May not be a crime in itself, but it should be. It also highlights just how brazen Trump is when it comes to unethical behavior. Speaking of brazen, Trump called the Georgia Speaker of the House and tried to get him to overturn the state's election results:


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